what is the difference between edge lit led panel light and back lit led panel light

1. The back lit panel lamp is designed to make reasonable led spacing by using the LED lighting angle, and coordinate with the diffuser plate and the lamp height to achieve reasonable Desired light mixing effect. Emphasis on high brightness, the maximum brightness can reach 150-180lm / W, high light efficiency products, replacing the traditional grille lamp panel.Relatively thick, usually more than 30mm 
thick. The light output is uniform, and the brightness uniformity can reach more than 0.9. The process requirements are relatively simple.

2. The edge lit panel lamp uses the light guide plate technology to conduct the light guide plate net according to the arrangement of the LED lamp plate and the light angle of the lamp beads,The point design makes the light pass through the light guide plate to achieve the effect of brightness uniformity. Low brightness, generally 80-120lm / W, applicable to Some places with low ceiling. It is thin and the thickness is within 15mm. The surface uniformity is poor, and the brightness uniformity is up to 0.85.
If it is not handled well, there will be obvious bright edges around it, which requires high cleanliness of the workshop, and dust may easily caused bright spots in the light guide plate.

3. The difference between the back lit panel lamp and the edge lit panel lamp in structure is that there is no light guide plate, and the light guide plate (PMMA) generally has a light conductivity of about 93%,
The distance between the lamp beads and the PC diffusion plate must be large because the lamp beads of back lit panel lamp are relatively large. In this way  then dark areas will not be formed.

4. The light emitted by the lamp beads of the edge lit panel is reflected by the reflective film of the light guide plate, and after passing through the light guide plate, the luminous flux will be This is a certain loss.

5. The disadvantage of the back lit panel lamp is that the thickness of the lamp is generally 3.5cm-5cm, and the edge lit is generally 8mm-12mm, which is more than that.

6. The advantage of back lit panel lamp is that the luminous flux of the same lamp bead is higher than that of edge lit panel lamp.

Back lit panel lighting
high illumination, no need for light guide plate

thick, large number of lamp beads

Edge lit panel lighting 
Advantages: soft light, light and thin, less lamp beads

low illumination