2015 global lighting market will reach $ 82.1 billion (US $ 502.058 billion yuan ) , besides,the emerging markets will take up $ 25.7 billion (US $ 157.161 billion yuan ) , market penetration of 31% .
    LEDinside research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie said that 2015 was observed in the area of global LED lighting market , the European region accounts for 23% of the market size, although do not have the massive subsidies, but its high price of electricity and the difference in light of culture , making the market demand of  LED improved in commercial lighting and outdoor architectural lighting.

  China holds 21% market segments market share , mainly because China is the country of manufacture of lighting products , plus the cost advantage and complete supply chain , market competition relative to other markets and more intense, regardless of brand manufacturers, foundries , or emerging lighting manufacturers and packaging manufacturers , in addition to significantly enhance the penetration rate of LED lighting , the development of sales channels is 2014's major development projects.

  Looking into 2015,thanks to the steady growth lighting market demand, the Chinese lighting market both domestic and overseas demand for exports will continue to improve even more . However, product prices are subject to a number of impact suppliers , intensified the speed of price competition, if not continuing to develop new sales channels, eventually will face the crisis of being out of the market.