The latest research report"2015 global LED lighting market trend" from TrendForce Green 's career at walstar shows that,LED components successfully entered the alternative source products,benefit from the expansion of the commercial led lighting market,led tube market became the largest market demand products and, second is led bulb market. In addition,throughout the global lighting market,ceiling lighting products continue to become the major in 2014-2015,especially for home lighting usage.

  Walstar research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie said the 2015 bulb will go into the bigger market situation.In order to increase brand awareness,lighting brand manufacturers entered led light B2C,thus enhance the B2B professional lighting markets,and the absence of sales channels advantage and niche markets,a lot of small factory will become a foundry or exit the market.

  According to walstar estimated 2014 revenues of top twenty LED lighting rankings,the top five lighting manufacturer Philips,Panasonic,Toshiba,GE and Osram ; and CREE ranking sixth estimates. And the further analysis focused on trends in the global lighting market 2013-2015 , whether traditional or emerging LED lighting manufacturers , will be a substantial increase in penetration rate of LED lighting products;and brand manufacturers,although revenue growth year after year , but still considered the profit since 2014 and therefore many vendors can be seen to profit -oriented,driving LED lighting products to the professional lighting market and improve product margins.