LED panel lights are often used in various of different decoration environment, but it is not clear to many consumers what led panel lights are. As a high-grade indoor lighting fixture, LED panel light has become the first choice in office lighting and commercial lighting. So what is the LED panel light? How much do you know about the LED panel light?

What is led panel light - LED panel light introduction

LED panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting lamp, Its biggest feature is that the light source is led, and it is panel emitting light, so that the light emitted is relatively uniform and there is no obvious dark area.Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy through anodizing.

The whole lamp design is beautiful and simple, and the atmosphere is luxurious. It not only has good lighting effect, but also can offer a beautiful feeling. From the perspective of appearance, the appearance of LED panel lamp is similar to that of a flat plate, with a relatively thin thickness. 

The overall design is brief, which is both beautiful and atmospheric,according to its good design and looking, attain higher level of lighting quality for office lighting.

The LED panel light has a unique design. After the light passes through the light guide plate with high transmittance, it forms a uniform planar light emitting effect. It has good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfort and brightness, and can effectively relieve eye fatigue. 

The LED panel lamp can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly and children.