4,030,000 LED lamps " woven into " light curtain
Nov.,10th night , APEC welcome dinner activities were fireworks,over the three temple landmarks," Bird's Nest",TV Tower,watchtower tower,fireworks woven plot " seasonal flowers spectacular " light fireworks from 21:45 to 10:00 . The discharge activity firstly using a micro smoke,sulfur-free environmentally friendly fireworks.

  According to performance the design , the whole performance  show including sky fireworks,nest curtain lights,dance floor,which nest light curtain is essential playing the role of undertaking the fireworks and dancing.
  When the design team laying out the regional lighting overall structure of the nest,choosing the west side as the main display panel , in accordance with the naked eye 3D stereo effect of site layout. A share of 4.03 million LED lights , forming a 232 m long , 55 meters high , covering an area of ??nearly 13,000 square meters of light curtain . Part of pure light show performances over three minutes , the remaining six minutes' dancing also use the light curtain as a background design.