R & D

Our R & D team consists of 8 well-experienced clerk, who have been working in this industry for a minimum of five years. In addition to our OEM and ODM products, the team is able to design and develop the whole of our own of range products independently, and is continuing in their quest to improve further still the functioning and appearance of our products. Two to three new products are created by this group every month.
The history of the present team includes several highlights, the most notable being the application and registration of their designs for patents here in China. The principal aim of our team is to incorporate certain elements into the design of our products. These elements are principally high technology and innovative design while also being aware of cost so that we can offer all our customers products at competitive prices; we are sure that these features will prove advantageous to our buyers.

It is because of our strong R&D ability that we at Walstar can adapt quickly to changes in taste and functional demands in the market to provide the ideal solutions for those customers who choose to cooperate with us. Such customers always find their requirements well accommodated at Walstar.