I’ve been in led lighting industry, I had been in the base level for led production.With persistent efforts I got into the maintenance(after sales) department, mainly went to all over the country for led light installation and maintenance. 12 years ago, China is in poor economic and environment conditions, I always told and reminded myself: ‘Lagging behind means exposure to invasion, a man should be alive with dream, we will have a bright future as long as to believe and insist in that.’. Finally, in my continuous efforts, my R&D capacity had been fully affirmed and recognized in the whole LED lighting industry, and I became the the most authoritative chief engineer afterwards.

Despite the hard road to realize my dreams and even though I could do nothing but compromise to the reality, the sense of value brought by those dreams drove me forward all the way, and it was for such driving force that my colleagues and I established Walstar. If Walstar today could be called a success, the reason should be that she has dreams and always puts words into practice. Although she has tasted every hardship by her own, she will never stop the pursuit for her dreams.