Speaking of the street lights, everyone knows that, is mainly used for road and street lighting, the traditional street lamp uses city electric, Circuit  
City, the lamp is not only complicated installation but also need to cost high electricity and maintenance costs and security risks, with the recommendation  
of the national new energy-saving and environment-friendly society, solar energy street lamps gradually replace the city lamp circuit, the energy saving and  
environmental protection products listed by the concern of the whole society, and with the development of solar energy street lamp, integrated led solar  
energy street lamp has gradually been familiar, then integrated led solar street lamps

? Integrated led solar street lamp is relative to the type solar energy street lamp, it simply contains battery plate,storage battery,controller,LED light  
source, made up to a lamp cap, and then configure pole or cantilever installation.

what is the advantage
 of integrated led solar street lights

The main characteristics of this kind of lamps and lanterns is easy installation,replacing the traditional split solar street lamps need install battery  
board bracket and is provided with a lamp cap, making steps such as battery pit, greatly reduce the labor cost and construction cost. 
Integrated solar street lamps are carried out on the upgrade in the design performance, such as batteries, and now most of the street lamp battery is  
installed with lithium batteries, far higher than the traditional street lamp battery. In addition, the integrated led solar street lamps also has the  
following advantages:

1, energy saving: to provide electrical energy to solar photovoltaic conversion, inexhaustible;

2, environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;

3, safety: no electric shock, fire and other accidents;

3, convenient installation is simple, does not require wiring or disembowelling dig construction, there is no power rationing concerns;

4, long life: high technology content of products, control systems, accessories are international brands, intelligent design, reliable quality;