LED panel light,which is known as beautiful and simple in design, grand and luxurious. With its good illumination uniformity, uniform and soft light, and comfortable lighting effect, it can effectively relieve eye fatigue. It is widely used in offices,schools,hospitals, shopping malls, homes and other places. It is the best product to replace the traditional fluorescent tubes and grille lamps in the LED era.

There are two designs of led panel lights: edge lit panel light and back lit panel light, which need to be used with the driving power supply.

Edge lit LED panel light,means side light emitting,the mechanism and lighting principle:

the structure of Edge lit LED panel light mainly includes frame, diffuser, light guide plate, light strip, reflective film, back plate and other components.

The light of LED lamp beads enters the inside of the light guide plate from the light emitting surface. The light enters the reflective point of the light guide plate and then exits downward. It is irradiated from the light emitting surface of the lamp. The light that does not hit the reflective point will be reflected back through the reflective film. In this way, most of the light of LED lamp beads will be converted into light for lighting. The quality of the light guide plate is an important standard to measure the quality of the side light-emitting panel lamp.

The most common of light guide plate is made of PMMA,and these years,PC light guide plate is coming because of the cheaper prices.The panels will turn yellow after long use. After two or three years, many of the panel lights installed at offices,shops will turn yellow. That is precisely because the PC light guide plate is being used in large quantities.

So if you donot want the panel to turn yellow after 3 years,you can choose the PMMA light guide plate in production.

For Edge lit led panel lights,the thickness of the LGP is also important,the thicker the better,there are 2mm,3mm,4mm thick LGP,so we need to choose 4mm the best,or 3mm,but not the 2mm LGP,the uniformity of light divergence will be affected by the thickness of the LGP. 

Structure and lighting principle of back lit LED panel light:

back lit led panel light means direct light emitting,The structure of direct down (direct light emitting) panel lamp mainly includes frame, diffuser, lamp strip (including aluminum substrate, lamp bead, lens, back cover, etc.).

The light of LED lamp beads is scattered by the lens and reflected by the back cover, and is emitted from the light emitting surface of the lamp.
Therefore, the most important optical components of the back lit led panel light is the lens on the lamp bead and the light diffusion plate on the surface,which determines the light diffusion effect of the panel light.
While,it will not turn yellow after long time lighting,because there is no LGP is this design,and also it will be more bright,also less cost of materials.