Now LED panel light has spread from the market, it is widely used, it seems small quantity to buy led panel light for own use, the mainly for Contractors or decoration company. If light not work,or you need to get a place for replacing LED panel light,how to do with that ? Did you know the correct ones to buy? And how to install it? Here we give ways to troduce regular size and mounting LED panel lights .

The size of conventional LED panel light has:30*30cm,30*60cm,30*120cm,60*60cm,62*62cm,60*120cm. One of the most common is 30*30cm and 60*60cm.For example 60*60cm just right size of a ceiling plate.
There are four installations roughly: keel recess,ceiling surface mounted,embedded recess,hanging.

keel recess:keel recess is very simple,the LED panel light is reserved for a embed position, as long as the ceiling keel lay,led panel light can be put directly into the ceiling keel slot.

ceiling surface mounted: first install a few screws in the ceiling hole, then slide- ceiling LED panel light frame device on the ceiling , fixed on three sides . Then Slide the led panel lights to the frame,then the fourth side to install screws.simple,saving and convenience.
Embedded:Make sheet metal tank bracket and ceiling fit(the special led panel light frame),led panel lights can be fixed on the ceiling .

Hanging:LED panel light is not installed but using the suspension components to join the lanyard on the ceiling.